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israel Pocket Facts
Facts about the geography, politics, people, culture, and history of Israel.
Answering Tough Questions
This booklet is the result of StandWithUs staff thinking critically about common accusations against Israel and coming up with factual, direct, and concise answers.
Israel: The People
Upon creating the Zionist liberation movement, many Jews returned to Israel in the late 1800s. After the Holocaust and rising persecution in Arab states, massive numbers of Jewish refugees flooded into Israel, their ancestral homeland, from Europe and the Middle East. Today, Israel is home to many religions, LGBTQ+ communities, a diverse art scene, and incredible cultural diversity.

Understanding the Nakba
On May 15 of each year, Palestinians observe Nakba Day. Nakba is Arabic for catastrophe. This is how many Palestinians describe the founding of the State of Israel, Israel’s victory against invading Arab forces in the 1948 war, and the subsequent refugee crisis.
Jewish Refugees From the Middle East
Learn about the cruel displacement of Jews: persecution, colonization, the destruction of Mizrahi Jewry, and the many attempts to suppress the liberation of the Jewish people.
The United Nations And Israel
Decades of political maneuverings have created a disproportionate volume of resolutions, reports, and conferences criticizing Israel.

Best Practices
Know your rights! You do not need to figure out how to respond to anti-Israel or antisemitic activity on your own.
Explaining The BDS Movement
BDS stands for the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement against Israel. When Israel’s enemies realized they could not conquer Israel through conventional wars and terrorism, they redoubled their efforts to eliminate it through economic, diplomatic, legal, and cultural warfare.
Guide To Fact Checking
The internet is a fantastic place for research and keeping apprised of the latest developments in world news. However, it's now easier than ever to be exposed to illegitimate news sources and incite panic by sharing information without factual sources.

Hate Speech & Reporting Tools for Social Media
Facebook defines hate speech as a direct attack on people based on protected characteristics, including race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, serious disease or disability, and immigration status.
Know Your Rights
Responding to antisemitic and anti-Israel activity can be difficult, but there are substantial resources to help and support you through the administrative process.
10 Things You Should Know About the Violent Gaza Riots
10 Things You Should Know About the Violent Gaza Riots

Countering Anti-Israel Boycotts on Campuses
BDS is a global campaign to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel. BDS seeks to undermine international support for Israel and eventually eliminate the Jewish state.
Israel - Environment
For over 70 years, Israel has had to contend with a severe lack of water, energy, and other natural resources. By developing innovative solutions to their harsh circumstances, Israelis have become world leaders in water conservation, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture.
Human Rights in the Middle East
Israel represents justice, resilience, and hope. It is a nation of indigenous people who overcame 1,900 years of oppression to achieve freedom in their ancestral home.

Israel - Humanitarian Aid
Today, Israel uses its technology and know-how to save lives and help societies grow all over the world.
I Heart Israel
Despite the many challenges they continue to face, Israelis find countless ways to make the world a better place.
Israel: Innovations
This is the story of how Israel's spirit of innovation helps people overcome challenges all over the world.

Israel 101
All about the geography, politics, people, culture and history of Israel.
Israel Shines
Israel represents resilience and hope. It is a nation of indigenous people who overcame 1,900 years of oppression to achieve freedom in their ancestral home.
Over 3,000 years ago, an indigenous people developed a thriving civilization and culture in their homeland.

Jerusalem 10 Essential Facts
The Jewish people, whose indigenous roots in the land of Israel are deep and unbroken, forged a powerful and unique attachment to Jerusalem over 3,000 years ago.
LGBTQ rights in israel and the middle east
Israel’s laws guarantee equal rights for LGBTQ Israelis.
No Way To treat a Child
“My officer taught me the values of courage, sacrifice, and love of jihad, as well as some battle tactics... I feel that I can free my energy in a good way. I can do for real what I do in video games.”

Ten Things You Need To Know About Israel
Ten Things You Need To Know About Israel
The Jewish People A Beautiful Tapestry
Historically, the glue that connected Jews around the world has been Judaism, the religion of the Jewish people. This included the study of the Torah and following a lunar calendar whose holidays are synchronized with the seasons in the Land of Israel.
West Bank Judea and Samaria
Jews and Arabs have lived in the West Bank for centuries. Today, the borders and status of the area remain to be determined in negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian governments.

What does UNESCO Know
That is what UNESCO is doing by ignoring the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

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