StandWithUs High School educates and empowers high school students across North America to tell Israel’s story and combat antisemitism. We partner with Jewish day schools, Jewish youth groups, places of worship, and other community institutions by providing nuanced Israel education and relevant tools to combat antisemitism. We offer engaging presentations, interactive workshops, discussion guides, speakers, and much more to our community partners. We also have two leadership opportunities for high school students, the StandWithUs Kenneth Leventhal high school Internship and the Teen Leadership Council (TLC). To partner with a StandWithUs High School professional, please contact highschool@standwithus.com.

StandWithUs Kenneth Leventhal High School Internship The Internship is a college accredited, year-long internship for high school juniors and seniors in North America. Leventhal Interns provide nuanced education about Israel and the tools to fight antisemitism to their peers through creative initiatives and interactive programming. They receive personalized mentorship from StandWithUs professionals, including an all-expenses-paid program in Los Angeles for two national conferences during the internship.

StandWithUs Teen Leadership Council brings students together to grow their knowledge of Israel, learn how to effectively combat antisemitism, and develop leadership skills. The TLC members meet virtually four or five times during the semester with StandWithUs professionals to cover various educational topics and engage with their peers. At the end of the program, students receive mentorship to create a program for their peers through their high schools, school clubs, youth groups, places of worship, or elsewhere. To learn more about TLC requirements, click here.

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