The StandWithUs Campus Department specializes in empowering student leaders to proudly bring Israel to their college campuses while challenging antisemitism and correcting misinformation about the Jewish state. Our regionally-based professionals provide students with the tools and resources they need to be strong, confident leaders within their communities. The Campus Department offers a diverse set of resources, including: informative workshops, briefings with experts, student conferences, educational booklets and factsheets, on-call legal support, strategic consulting when campus issues arise, and our premier leadership programs like the StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship and First-Year Leadership Internship. To learn more about the Campus Department, email Campus@StandWithUs.com.

The StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship is a prestigious one-year program that trains, educates, and empowers student leaders on college campuses around the world. Chosen from key campuses, Emerson Fellows form a network of passionate student leaders who inspire their peers and collaborate with other student communities to run impactful educational events and campaigns about Israel. These fellows are also trained extensively on how to navigate antisemitic activity on campus, and we help them confront these issues strategically and effectively. Fellows participate in two transformative conferences and continue their training throughout the year with expert-led workshops each month. Every Emerson Fellow receives tailored mentorship from expert staff, along with direct support from relevant StandWithUs departments. The StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship is currently active in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Brazil.

The StandWithUs First-Year Leadership Internship (FLI) is a semester-long program that offers college freshmen a unique platform to fast-track their growth as campus leaders. Throughout the program, students learn how to articulate Israel’s story and their connection to Israel through storytelling and program planning. They also explore their legal rights and tools for self-advocacy on campus, as well as digital activism and how they can counter online hate.

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