The mission of IsraelLINK is to develop excellence in Israel education. IsraelLINK creates high-quality educational resources, trains teachers, and provides ongoing support to inspire 21st-century learners.

IsraelLINK is a pioneering, digitally interactive, learner-centered Israel educational hub designed for virtual and in-person use in day school and supplementary middle school programs. Through experiential and project-based learning, educational games, and first-person videos, the platform is designed to enable students to discover their own unique Israel connection. Our educational approach is supported by 21st-century pedagogy and reflects the best of what matters to our youth today by providing them with an opportunity to be inspired by, identify with, and connect to a very old, extremely new, and constantly evolving Land of Israel.

IsraelLINK offerings available to Rabbis United congregations:

IsraelLINK Classroom is a middle school oriented Israel program with a scope and sequence designed to provide learners with essential understandings that will enable them to integrate Israel into their Jewish identity-building process. This program can be delivered as an entire curriculum or a series of modular themes. IsraelLINK staff provides professional development, training, support, and lesson integration for all teachers committed to incorporating Israel education into their classroom practice.

IsraelLINK iConnect is part of our online institute bringing multiple synagogue supplementary schools together in a shared digital learning space for a community building, Israel educational experience.

IsraelLINK iLINK is a three-lesson, self-guided online curriculum for independent learning, delivering inspiring dialogue, and providing new ways to understand the values that guide the State of Israel.

IsraelLINK Live Tours is a live online hour-long tour incorporating a blend of history, storytelling, and trivia, providing you and your students with a dynamic, interactive private excursion to Jerusalem’s most famous sites.

Coming soon: IsraelLINK Generations is a 3-part series for parents of Middle School Students designed to equip parents with the tools they need to have conversations about Israel with their children. Through this new initiative, families will develop, shape, and mold a network of parental support for students. Using IsraelLINK’s pioneering and innovative Israel educational resources, participants will gain literacy to facilitate students’ development of their relational approach to Israel.

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IsraelLINK was made possible thanks to a generous grant from
the Sandra and Lawrence Post Family Foundation.
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